Water Rush Academy

Head Boss: (and teacher) Edit

Miss. Everdeen (Katniss)

Welcome to Water Rush Academy!
(Go ahead and create your characters name) Hey! Looks like you need a room. Go talk to the owner, Katniss Everdeen. You may call her Miss. Everdeen. She's at her table grading papers, but she'll get you hooked up with your room! First, you have to enroll in the Office. Just click here.
A Message From the Owner
Special thanks to Wikia for creating their website, so that I could make mine.

You need to have an account on Wikia to get a job and to compete in competitions. When you bceome a staff member and get a job, you will become and admin.

Red brick school

Dew Drop Apartments

King's Throne Dorm

Queen's Palace Dorm

Diamond Drapes Dorm

Water Rush Academy Flag:

Sepia Shade Town text
Water rush academy flag

Sepia Shade Town:

Yummy's Ice Cream


Emerald Friday's

Ice Cream Haven

Pet Shop

Bake Cake Shop

Water Rush Academy Main House:



Spell Casting Class

Potion Making Class

Wizard Spell Rules Class

Spell Making Class

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